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tubbutec wrote:
Not yet, but the upcoming firmware will allow this. Currently you can ‘only’ assign: pitch, velocity (both attack and release) and aftertouch. More to come
Amazing. I imagine that having assignable CCs (and CC support in general) would make µTune even more powerful than it already is. Cool to hear it’s in the works. Do you have a sense of when the new firmware will be ready? No worries if you can’t say for sure yet.

tubbutec wrote:
Don’t know yet. Would you like that or not?
Well, maybe that could be cool way to get LFOs/functions out of CC, though I’m not familiar with the implementation challenges of that.

tubbutec wrote:
µTune will always quantize the incoming voltage. You can define the quantizing step size (via notes/v), but it will always be quantized and then sent to the scale mapper. µTune then outputs note information as note + pitch bend. In the upcoming firmware it will also be able to output pitch as sysex tunting commands.
It does not output CC
Cool! Does µTune send full resolution (128^2) pitch bend messages?