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midi CCs are currently not supported by µTune, but will be in the future.

cloudleft wrote:
1) are any of uTune’s CV OUTs “assignable” so they can accept a certain kind of modulation parameter/CC and convert it to CV? For example: there is a specific incoming control change message (let’s say it’s controller #27) that is changing in realtime, and then control change messages on 27 (and only #27) is converted to CV in realtime (almost like an LFO, or function).
Not yet, but the upcoming firmware will allow this. Currently you can ‘only’ assign: pitch, velocity (both attack and release) and aftertouch. More to come..

cloudleft wrote:
2) If specific CC’s are not assignable to certain CV out ports, is uTune’s MIDI Routing such that, in a particular 2-voice mode – let’s say “Cycle B” – the first received CC is ‘automatically’ sent to one CV out, and the second CC (if it is a different controller #) is sent to the other CV out?
There likely will be freely assignable CCs

cloudleft wrote:
3) If accepting realtime & changing CCs is possible, does uTune’s MIDI to CV converter interpolate between the CC’s 128 values for ‘smooth’ action?
Don’t know yet. Would you like that or not?

cloudleft wrote:
For CV-to-MIDI:
4) Besides note ons/offs and note numbers, what other kind of information does uTune send out of its MIDI out port? For example: does uTune send pitch bend information for each individual note? Can it convert incoming, changing CV (like an envelope or LFO) into realtime, changing control change messages?
µTune will always quantize the incoming voltage. You can define the quantizing step size (via notes/v), but it will always be quantized and then sent to the scale mapper. µTune then outputs note information as note + pitch bend. In the upcoming firmware it will also be able to output pitch as sysex tunting commands.
It does not output CC

cloudleft wrote:
5) Is uTune set up to handle MIDI to CV and CV to MIDI simultaneously? That is, can it send and receive both MIDI and CV at the same time?
Yes of course. The midi router allows for all kinds of combinations.