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I’d just like to ask a few questions to Tubbutec.

tubbutec wrote:
I agree, will add an ‘automatic’ option in the notes/octave function. Won’t work for midi though
Do you have any idea when this is likely to happen ? near future or not in immedeate plans?

Also do you know when the expander is likely to happen ?

I’m only asking because because I have a bunch of gigs including a tour coming up later this year, and I’m currently configuring and rebuilding my live rig and I would like to use the µTune as a master Quantizer in the rig, and I need 4 channels and also it must be easy for me to switch between scales in the live setting without having to set the notes per octave everytime if I use exotic scales.
If these arent likely to be implemented in the next few months (before the summer) I will have to stick to my current quantizer set-up and practice in that way and save the µTune for a future rebuild and tour.
Thanks in advance, and I totally understand these things dont happen quickly and easily.. but I needed to ask so I can plan ahead..