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As things stand right now, you would need to load a scale that includes all notes, inclusive for both channels. Assuming you have control of the pitch data going into each channel, you would simply ‘not play’ the notes you did not want to include for a given channel. If you are using some kind of random to generate pitch data, then what you want is currently not possible, but does seem to be on the radar for future updates.

ketem13 wrote:
Sorry for my insistent but I want to be sure I understand my option so I will ask :

Let say I have a raga of 7 note that goes from c 2 to c 3 with other note in between such as minor 2 p4 p5 etc.. . can I subtract from 1 ch all the note apart of the root, the p5 and the oct, and in the second ch to have all the 7 note perhaps apart of 1 note. ?

is it also possible to send different cv to the two ch ? let say one ch get a cv of en envelope time of 3 sec and the other get slow sin lfo ?