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tubbutec wrote:
I understand it cannot add or sutract notes via push button, but is it possible to add or subtract note via the screen ?
let say I have an indian scale with 7 note. can I- while it sending cv to 1v/oct of an osc, to subtract note or add note or it is not possible at all ?
By ‘adding’ a note, do mean changing the pitch / transpose (one note up, one note down)? Or do you mean add a note to the scale?

Transpose can currently only be done via CV-in, but a menu option will be added soon. See: viewtopic.php?t=207946

If you mean: Add a note to the scale, this can be done in the scale editor.

Can I send cv of different scale from the two outputs ?
can I change between scales that are in the utune with cv ?
This is a commonly requested feature, but currently not possible
Sorry for my insistent but I want to be sure I understand my option so I will ask :

Let say I have a raga of 7 note that goes from c 2 to c 3 with other note in between such as minor 2 p4 p5 etc.. . can I subtract from 1 ch all the note apart of the root, the p5 and the oct, and in the second ch to have all the 7 note perhaps apart of 1 note. ?

is it also possible to send different cv to the two ch ? let say one ch get a cv of en envelope time of 3 sec and the other get slow sin lfo ?