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tubbutec wrote:
The µTune can not add or subtract notes via button push, mostly because it does not have dedicated buttons for this. You can however use a CV-in to transpose.

You can of course use 12TET, it is even the default scale after startup

I don’t know very much about max msp and how it interfaces with the world. If MAX msp can send midi, then µTune can receive and output this. Currently you could use note and/or pitch bend commands for this, midi controller messages will be supported in the upcoming update as well.
I understand it cannot add or sutract notes via push button, but is it possible to add or subtract note via the screen ?

let say I have an indian scale with 7 note. can I- while it sending cv to 1v/oct of an osc, to subtract note or add note or it is not possible at all ?

Can I send cv of different scale from the two outputs ?
can I change between scales that are in the utune with cv ?