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ketem13 wrote:

1. In conf—>Channel 1\2 there is a clock divider function with different devision. what does it mean ? is utune sending a gate every time a new note is playing from the cv in ?
That’s a clock divider setting used if you output a midi clock

ketem13 wrote:
2. in the simple config there is a different option for the cv in\out and gate in\out. in the gate out there is a midi gate and midi clock but there is no cv gate/clock out ?
What would you expect these to do?

ketem13 wrote:
in the cv out there is a velocity for channel 1/2 – is it apply only when using a midi keyboard ?

ketem13 wrote:
in the cv in there is a transpose for ch 1/2 – the transpose happening in a octave? fifth? fourth ?
No, note numbers. The detected note at the input is added whichever channel is selected here. Can be used to have 2 CV inputs for one channel, or to add midi and CV note information.

ketem13 wrote:
In general I would like to understand better the option of operation of the module when using only a cv from the modular and not midi.
OK, Well obviously if you a re not using midi you will only be using a subset of the available features. So some functions and settings will not do anything for you. But if you have any questions about the CV workflow, please let me know.