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Thanks for your reply. So my interpretation of Ch 1 was correct and I understand now part of my my question 1] above; but still not the 2nd part, what you mean by Shift and wonder if you might perhaps clarify with an example. Transposing an entire non-tempered scale up does change the root and always changes the pitches available, but this is what you seem to mean by Transpose. For instance, for the 3 note scale of Root=any 0, N1= 0+410 cents, N3= 0+815 cents, if I transpose [in my usage of the term] up 50 cents, my new scale values are Root- 0+50 cents, N1=0+460 cents, N2= 0+865 cents. What happens specifically with Shift? [Unless THAT is what you call Shift, in case please specify what you mean by Transpose]

Also not answered my Question 2]What you meant by ‘See Notation’.?

Also not answered question 3 above] you don’t explain Ch2?

2 ->0:a
<-9:g Channels: in your midi section, which may involve assigning different midi channels to different uTune channels, and perhaps different uTune channels to different midi channels, you frequently simply refer to "channel" without specifying whether you mean uTune or midi channel at that particular point. I understand you know which you are referring to throughout, but it introduces ambiguity and thus confusion for persons like myself trying to work things out. It would be helpful to me and possibly others in the manual to always include the modifier 'uTune' or 'midi' before the word 'channel', especially in sections dealing with both. If we finish clarifying p.7 I'll continue with specific questions in order. Thanks again for your response and the interesting module, if I can once get it understood.