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Creamtronic wrote:
i am working on a control panel for the Ipad app TB Midi Stuff for the Juno 66 mod.
in the description i miss the range Values for Midi CC 35 ( seq clock source )
and midi CC 36 ( SH Lfo clock source ).
There are 3 settings for each CC. Internal,midi note and midi clock.
What is the value range from 0-127 for this 3 seetings ?
Or is it not possible to change that by external controler ?
best regards,

P.s if you want to published the final panel on your site,tell me and i will send it to you.

Hi, I am curious what this app will allow me to do. If its just simply a remote to use the otherwise hard to get to settings, (which it looks like it is), thats GREAT ! I want it immediately. Is it available yet ?

But one question, how does it communicate with the Juno ? Its a iPad, it don’t have a way to connect to it.