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Turned modular on (didn’t test utune) and walked away. Couple hours later, yes the utune is working. Recalibrated. Easy indeed.

Turned the case power off, and on again: Utune interface not responding, quantizers not functioning.

Do I have a faulty unit maybe?

tubbutec wrote:

only had this problem before in the following situation, but reason is unknown 🙁

– Updated to firmware 1.01
– BUT CV in calibration not performed yet

So _maybe_ you received a unit where cv in calibration was not performed or not performed properly.

So it would be great if you could perform the calibration (it is very easy). If the unit does not respond after powering it on, just wait a couple of minutes it will work eventually.
Here is how to do the calibration: … -cv-input/

Hope this helps