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Hi, sorry for another long delay in replying.

I tried reloading 1.05, still have the problem where it is not responding to input on CV 1. Here are the values under ADC/DAC CAL:

Chan 1, 0V: 1998
Chan 2, 0V: 2034
Chan 1, 10V: 64231
Chan 2, 10V: 64203
10V to CVIN1 -> FBC0
10V to CVIN2 -> FC90

I have not changed anything here, as I have no idea what change to make. These are the exactly the same values I see when I run 1.11, and both CV 1 and CV 2 inputs are working fine with 1.11, just not MIDI. I have HW18, so I have not applied the recalibration procedure for HW17.

In the meantime, I am back using 1.11 for CV quantization and a Doepfer A-192-2 for MIDI output (which works fine because all I need is the note number — my Csound app at the destination is handling the tuning based on the note number).

It’s pretty cool to have the tuning quantized by the uTune in the modular rig match the tuning in my Csound app. But I really look forward to be able to use the uTune for MIDI so that I don’t need to take up rack space with a separate MIDI module (plus a mult to route the sequencer CV to both the uTune and the Doepfer) as I am doing now.