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Sorry for the delay in following up – was not able until now to take the time to change the system. I reverted to firmware 1.05, but then the uTune stopped responding to CV 1 input. My Pi was able to see the device on USB, but I didn’t not get any note events (I use both CV 1 and CV 2, so even though CV 1 was not working, CV 2 was). I had to go back to 1.11 to get CV 1 input working again.

As an experiment, on 1.11 I connected USB to a laptop (running Debian Linux), and the uTune froze up just as it did when connected to the Pi.

In summary: I can’t go back to 1.05 because I lose an CV input, and still can’t get MIDI output with either 1.05 or 1.11.

So, I am still happy with the CV/CV quantizing, but I’m disappointed not to have the MIDI output so that I can integrate my modular system (which is generating the notes) and my Csound code on Pisound, which is written to respond to MIDI input (this work with a keyboards but not yet with uTune).