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Okay I got this sorted. For anyone looking to use external triggers with their 606 you can inject triggers at the PCB locations below (this just bypasses the transistors that control the trigger, I didn’t remove any components but more testing needs to be done).

I tested this briefly with the drum gate outs of a BeatStep Pro and it works great. All the 606 voices respond to velocity and gate times. I haven’t tested open/closed hi hat muting yet; it looks like we might need to inject a clock signal to get them to mute one another with correct timing.

Thanks again for the help, it looks like uniPulse will be easy to implement here.

TR-606 External Trigger Inputs
Bass Drum – R63
Snare Drum – R98
Low Tom – R312
High Tom – R309
Cymbal – R141
Open Hi Hat – R138
Closed Hi Hat – R133