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Hi There,

Happy you got it working again,
a bit confused about which calibration you actually did.

The DAC/ADC calibration in expert settings should be fine and not changed. These are calibrated in factory.

For HW17 only there is a special case. Here the ADC calibration in the above menu is meaningless and does not work. Instead you can auto-calibrate you ADC using the ADC auto calibration menu.

The 0V were around ~2000 for both ch and 10V values around 16300. As I said, the values didn’t change after successfully calibrating.
That sounds correct, best to not change these. These are DAC (not ADC) calibration values.

As a side note I would suggest creating either a notification or a confirmation (yes/no) menu for “reset to defaults” as choosing this option, to the user, doesn’t appear to do anything.
Thanks for the suggestion!

For all others

Looks like you can safely go from 1.05 to 1.98 or above.