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Hi there,

I checked my ADC values in 1.98, reverted to 1.05, calibrated successfully, and the ADC values are the same.

I did successfully update back to 1.98 and after some fiddling the module is working as expected.

The 0V were around ~2000 for both ch and 10V values around 16300. As I said, the values didn’t change after successfully calibrating.

When I first got back into 1.98 the CV outs were still stuck at 0V even with visible gates. I did “reset to defaults” and resetted the module and it appears fine. I had this very same issue with this unit months ago (in the fall of 2019) and it was unrelated to firmware but calibrating did “something”then as well.

As a side note I would suggest creating either a notification or a confirmation (yes/no) menu for “reset to defaults” as choosing this option, to the user, doesn’t appear to do anything.

If you want me to share my exact ADC values with you I can. Admitted, I wrote it all out in a post and it failed to post so here I am again with a similar summary to share.