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If you see the input changing, you probably do not need to re-calibrate it. The reason why it gives you that error message is clearly because the outputs are not working.

I suspect there is some problem with HW17 and the new firmware.

Please do the following:
– Reset the settings to default.
If that does not help:
– Go to expert settings -> DAC/ADC calibration and post the first 4 numbers here
– Go back to firmware 1.05, definitely reset the settings
– CV out working again?

thank you very much


I was able to re-create the fact that with 1.98 the ADC CAl routine for HW 17 does not work. This will of course be fixed. Going back to 1.05,. performing the input cal and then go to 1.98 however works and the calibration is used correctly.
I was not able to re-create your CV-out problem however. Looking forward to your findings.