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Here’s how I made a Rhythm Ace FR6M follow MIDI clock using the uniPulse. First of all, this is an FR6M:

Clock is injected in 2 phases like the FR3 (see these instructions) using opposite polarities and AC coupling. Here are the connection points:

As discussed previously, I found it easiest to convert the sync gate to a start/stop pulse. I would normally use a CMOS XOR like a CD4070, but I didn’t have any on hand, so I hacked the function together with MPSA06 transistors I had lying around. It’s not a great circuit; the pulse width is dependent on the size of the coupling caps and the hFE of the last transistor, so you’d want to measure what you’re getting to see if it’s in a useful range. Finally, I wired the toggle switch to ground the clock inhibit point and select the open-collector output of the edge detector to drive the switch latch. The switch latch pad isn’t clear in my picture, but when you open up the FR6M the first time, you will see a red wire from the switch to the switch latch pad. Here’s the complete circuit: