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tubbutec wrote:
jjq wrote:
Will it include the original sequencer functions?
Usually we always include all original functions in our CPU upgrades and then add features on top.

However – given that the original sequencer is difficult to use and the main point of criticism of all people I have spoken so far, it will be replaced.

It will become a 2-channel 1oh1 style sequencer. This means:
– step based
– accent, glide, length per step
– you can create multiple patterns
– you can chain the patterns live to create songs
– sequencer can be clocked via midi, din sync or external trigger in via TAPE IN
This is an excellent way to repurpose the tape jacks, very nice idea thank you!
While pattern chaining is very adequate too, a true song mode would also be desirable if possible. If not on release, later after the basics have been ironed out.

You also mentioned noise source is in the works, great news. Is the noise generated digitally? If so it would be ideal if the noise profile is similar to the SH-101. It’d also be ideal if the noise level can be controlled within the machine and not only via MIDI.

If you’re open to ideas I would also propose the following:

– Pattern transpose.
– Master or slave modes via MIDI/DINsync/trigger.
– Additional LFO waveforms (syncable or not) controllable within the machine.
– Filter only accent (additionally to amp accent and filter-amp accent of the original).
– Keep battery operation if possible.

However if none of these are to be carried I’d be equally happy. Good work!