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Ah I see, so each channel has fixed CC. Sure thing. I was worried I would not be able to set this up.
Yeah would be nice to have it configurable. But I also understand that its a lot of work on your part- This will work for now I think.
I actually ordered the blue expander from Schneiders as I saw you didnt have any in stock.

One thing that I still think would be awesome would be internal LFO with rate midi CC, and that this LFO could be routed to anything internally.
Say for example you wanted to modulate the pitch a bit or put a bit of LFO on a CV output going to a filter… Anyways just an idea and I know that this probably sounds more simple than it is because in some case that would interfere with the cal. Tools.
I know only some basic programming and I can only imagine, and testing would also be a factor to count in.

Legato playing turning glide on would be number one wish I guess, but all in all I have to say, this seems to be such an awesome module, really, your work is beyond anything I have seen in a long time in regards to midi and CV tools. Actually I always wish and often asked if it would be possible to make some kind of look-up-table for tuning filters, well and just about anything, and I just got it! After all these years (14) wow!
Thumbs up! Really