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A happy update: I’m powered up and have all trigger points working. Thanks to Rottweiler for doing all the ground work.

I don’t have much to add to Rottweiler’s instructions, except a few points:

At Tubbutec’s suggestion, rather than chop into the wires coming into the voiceboard, I wired all my triggers directly to points on the voiceboard.

Tubbutec was nice enough to send me an annotated schematic, but sadly I’m a little too stupid for that. I just followed the traces for each trigger, confirmed with meter, and soldered to the very first point on the board in each case. This was easier than expected. At each point I desoldered with a solder sucker, which would leave just enough of a hole to fit the thin Unipulse wire through, then resolder.

(Some pics attached. Pls excuse the messy wiring, not cleaned up yet.)

In doing so, I could confirm a few things:

– the Brush sound does indeed work
– the Sandblock sound does not work — or at least I can’t get it to work on mine. I wired to it the same way as all the other sounds, but can’t get anything out of it.
– the two Snares, two BDs, and two Cymbals sound exactly the same. But they do wire to different points. So I’ll see if perhaps they are actually independent and could be tuned differently, which would be nice. I’ll follow up on this.

Next will install the pitch knobs. If anyone wants me to check or try anything while I have it open, let me know.

Thanks again!